The Right Way to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

Caring for babies is not the same as caring for children who have been able to walk, require perseverance, patience and of course knowledge. Many parents who have babies for the first time are still confused about caring for the baby, as a result some simple problems are often overlooked. To care for a newborn baby can do the following things so that the child’s growth and development can continue to be monitored and awake from things that are not desirable. You can also use a newborn care specialist service.

Caring for the Whole Baby Senses
All the senses of the newborn baby are not yet optimal, so they need special care and are very careful. The five baby senses that must be cared for are:

– Baby’s eyes. In cleaning the dirt on the baby’s eyes, use sterile cotton wool that has been moistened using warm water. Wipe the bottom of the baby’s eye with new cotton for each eye.

– baby’s skin. Keeping the skin of a newborn is very important, pay attention to the cleanliness of the baby’s skin from bathing, keeping baby’s buttocks clean and dry to keep the baby’s scalp from the skin crust.

– Baby’s nose. In general, the self-cleaning system that is on the baby’s nose is good enough, just clean if there is dirt or mucus on the outside of the nose.

– baby’s ears. Cleaning baby’s ears from dirt must be very careful. Do not use cotton buds to remove dirt in the ear. It is better to use baby oil by dripping it into the ear hole, by itself the dirt will come out the next day.

– baby’s mouth. Do not let foreign or dirty objects enter the baby’s mouth, keep your mother’s hands clean.

Baby Break Time
Newborns need lots of time to rest or sleep, in a day the baby can fall asleep in sleep for 16-18 hours. Although the baby’s sleep time is quite long, it only lasts 1-2 hours each time asleep. Increasingly large, the baby will experience decreased hours of sleep to only 6 hours a day when it is at least 6 months old. To prevent fussy babies (crying) at night, try to do a lot of baby activities during the day.

Having a baby is certainly the desire of every married couple, but how much is a woman ready to be a mother? Some of them will be inconvenienced or even confused in caring for babies. One solution is to use the services of homecare baby nurses who are experienced and have knowledge in their fields. Unlike baby sitters in general, baby sitters provided by home care have relevant educational backgrounds.

Every parent would want to give up the responsibility of caring for her baby to the right caregiver. Not just anyone can take care, so we are very careful in selecting every nurse.

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