The Role of Newborn Care Specialist at Home

The role of a newborn care specialist is very important to help mothers care for and monitor the health condition of the baby. After undergoing childbirth, some mothers usually need help to care for the newborn.

Especially for mothers who are giving birth for the first time, labor is the most anticipated process. But caring for the baby for the first time will definitely be confusing. This is where the role of a newborn care specialist is needed to help the mother to care for the little one, such as changing diapers, bathing, sleeping until other activities.

A newborn care specialist services are needed to look after and care for the baby when the mother has to go to work or in the recovery period after giving birth. In addition, the specialist’s job is to monitor the physical development (weight loss) and the baby’s motor (body movements such as kicking, walking and swinging hands).

In addition, some mothers who undergo labor through the cesarean section also need recovery time to be able to move back. Then the role of a newborn care specialist is needed so that the baby still gets the best care while the mother is still recovering.

For new parents or mothers who have busy outside the home are advised to use the services of newborn care specialists to help in the process of caring for your child.

The newborn care specialist’s role includes:

Provide assistance to care for babies
Newborns are very sensitive to the new environment even some of their organs are still in the process of growth that should not be underestimated. So that care for your child is also not an easy matter for new parents, the role of newborn care specialist can help parents.

Provide education for newborn care to parents
Some newborn care specialist services have gone through the training process first before they can work in the field. So that many specialists can provide education to parents about how to care for the baby. It is also necessary so that parents can care for their children the right way.

Reducing the risk of depression after giving birth
For new mothers, the risk of being depressed after giving birth is quite high because there are many things to do to take care of your newborn. However, adaptation is needed to get used to undergo a new role as a mother. Therefore the role of the newborn specialist is to reduce the number of depression after giving birth to new mothers by providing support and assisting the mother’s activities in caring for the child.

However, make sure that the specialist obtained are from trusted and verified institutions. So that treatment is not done haphazardly let alone done by the newborn care specialist who did not receive prior training.

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